Sami Henrik
Sami Henrik

About safety in performance ‘lim’

Note! This description about the safety measures also reveals some artistic elements of the performance. If you don’t wish to know these in advance, you can also choose not to read this description.

This document will be constantly updated according to the latest information.

Please don’t come to the performance if you or someone in your household is experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, or if you are in the infection chain.

There will be hand sanitizer available at the entrance and we will guide everyone to use it in the beginning of the performance.

Please install Koronavilkku tracing app to your phone.

If you wish, you can also use disposable gloves during the performance.

The performance is limited to three persons at a time.

The staff and audience of the performance will all use a face mask during the entire performance. The mask is a mask made of fabric designed by costume designer Kaisa Kemikoski. It is unused and re-usable.

If you want to use a mask with a safety certification (f.e. FFP2), you can also use your own mask. You are not allowed to use a mask with a ventilator in the performance, because research has shown it’s not as safe for other people as it is for the one wearing the mask.

It is also possible to ‘double mask’ in which case you can put a surgical mask under the fabric mask.

The performer uses a surgical copper mask throughout the performance. On one occasion they also use a fabric mask on top of the copper mask.

The performance happens in several spaces. There are a maximum of four people in the main space at any given time.

The audience is in the main space for a relatively short time (30 min.). The length of the performance in total is about one hour.

The space is being ventilated well and regularly, at least once after each performance.

In the main space, there is also an air purifier that neutralizes and removes virus particles through electricity. The device and its efficacy has been tested through peer-reviewed research. The time spent in other spaces is relatively short and they are also bigger. In these spaces you are not with other people as a general principle.

You can adjust your distance to other people throughout the performance. This means you can always keep the safety distance if you so choose.

The performance begins outside. Thus all the instructions are given in a situation which is as corona-safe as possible.

The performances are scheduled so that there 24 hours between them. This gives enough time for the air to be replaced by new air also diminishes the possibility that there are any virus particles left on the surfaces – even though the most recent research says the role of surfaces in potential infection is low.

The performer takes a corona test once a week.

Note! Part of the performance happens in public and semi-public space. In these space we can’t control the way other people – those not part of the performance – behave. You should take the same precautions with these spaces as you would any public or semi-public space.

You will be instructed on how to stop the performance and how to keep distance others during the performance.

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