Sami Henrik
Sami Henrik


Essay in TDPT Special Issue 9. 2.

An international peer-reviewed journal ‘Theatre, Dance and Performance Training’ has published a special issue 9. 2. in July 2018 focusing on ‘Training for Immersive, Interactive and Participatory Theatre’. SHH wrote and edited a two-part contribution for the issue.

You can find the second part of the contribution in the journal online here. The journal is behind a paywall so you’ll unfortunately need an institutional access to read it. If you wish to read SHH’s contribution, you can request it by sending a message to i (at)

New Website for The Center for Everything Published

The new website for The Center for Everything has been published. Most of the works involving Sami Henrik Haapala are now published through the new site.

You can access the site by jumping here.

Research Exposition in NIVEL

A research article by SHH was published in the NIVEL publication on 30. 8. 2017. The publication celebrates the 10 year anniversary of Performing Arts Research Centre Tutke.

You can jump to the exposition here.