Sami Henrik
Sami Henrik


2018 marked a 20-year anniversary of performance clubs that Sami Henrik Haapala has organized around the world.

The aim has been to develop clubs into a 21st century art form. This doesn’t mean ditching the always current need for mental partying. But it does mean that sensuality, new experiences and everybody sharing a great party matter more than commercialism.

Clubs of Sami Henrik Haapala are 21th century happenings where new club music meets gems from the archive and where theatre, dance, live art and live music meet an inspired atmosphere and where the most important element is always the audience.

Through the years Haapala has organized clubs at least in Helsinki, Petrozavodsk (RUS), Outokumpu, Turku, Oulu and Paris. He has co-operated with Culture Capital of Europe Helsinki 2000, Culture Capital of Europe Turku 2011, Museum of Cultures in Helsinki, Oulu Art Museum, Full Moon Dance Festival, Jojo – Oulu Dance Center and Finnish Theatre Center, among others.

As you already gathered clubs have been organized in various bars and restaurants, but also in cultural centers, museums and dance studios. Clubs have been done under names Fortune Cookie, Sisuraja, Futebol Bonito, Roin Karnevaalit (‘The Carnival in Roi’), Experience Club and baby – the only summer theatre club in the world.

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