Sami Henrik
Sami Henrik

Resonant Impulses Published

The second artistic part of an artistic research doctoral thesis by Sami Henrik Haapala has been published in the NIVEL series published by the University of the Arts Helsinki. The artistic part is a research exposition ‘Resonant Impulses’. It opens up performing in immersive and participatory performances.

This is the first time web exposition is presented as an artistic part at Theatre Academy. The exposition exposes a performing technique for immersive and participatory performances and a training method based on play testing. The training method aims at a constant open development of technique together with an audience.

You can access the exposition directly here.

Photo from the performance ‘The Real Health Center’. In the photo: Sami Henrik Haapala, Olli Kontulainen and friends. Photographer: Marko Mäkinen.

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