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Post in a Research Blog

An international peer-reviewed journal ‘Theatre, Dance and Performance Training’ will publish a special issue in July focusing on ‚ÄėTraining for Immersive, Interactive and Participatory Theatre‚Äô. SHH wrote a double essay for the issue.

The first part has now been published in the TDPT research blog here. The second part will be published with the journal in July 2018. 

Research Exposition in NIVEL

Voit hypätä julkaisuun tästä.

A research article by SHH was published in the NIVEL publication on 30. 8. 2017. The publication celebrates the 10 year anniversary of Performing Arts Research Centre Tutke.

You can jump to the exposition here.

The Center for Everything New Website Published

The new website for The Center for Everything has been published. Most of the works involving Sami Henrik Haapala are now published through the new site.

You can access the site by jumping here.

Comments on The Real Health Center

‘There should be more performances like The Real Health Center, because participatory theatre could make many young people more interested in theatre.’

Miila Tammisto (14 y.)

‘The atmosphere was funny in part because the participants have no idea what’s going to happen next [...] The number of people who can attend the performance is limited, but for the lucky ones the Health Center provides a unique experience of art where you can affect the content yourself.’

Maija Jelk√§nen, Teatteri&Tanssi+Sirkus (‘Theatre&Dance+Circus’) magazine

‘It was a very different kind of experience than in our normal receptions. It was… sensual. It took the patient perhaps a long way into the soul of the patient on patient’s own terms.’

Päivi Polo, MD, Clinical teacher (University of Turku)

The Real Health Center Special Broadcast

Finnish Broadcasting Company YLE broadcasted a special one hour programme about The Real Health Center on Fri 23. 9. at 12.10. 

After the broadcast it can be heard on YLE Areena. You can jump to the programme here.