/ The Real Health Center: A Workshop

The workshop teaches theory and especially practice of participatory and immersive performances. Participatory performances point to a wide variety of performances that use f.e. the tools of game design and activism to expand the traditional concept of performance. Immersive performances are usually understood as performances that immerse the spectator in a stage setting of a performance, but understood in a larger context they mean performances that challenge the traditional position of a spectator in a performance.

This workshop gives you tools to realize these performances by using as a case study a participatory and immersive performance ’The Real Health Center’, which was realized one year ago in the same environment where the workshop also now happens.

The workshop focuses on the design and especially on the performing in participatory and immersive performances.

The workshop is a second artistic part of SHH’s artistic research doctorate. It will be realized on 23 – 26. 8. 2017 in Paloheinä, Helsinki.

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