/ Read Shakespeare If Absolutely Nothing Happens

Yesterday I had my first presentation as part of my PhD studies. The task was to present one’s research plan as it is at the moment in a way of one’s own choosing.

I took people for a walk. In the beginning I told everyone the subject of my research and in the end of the walk I read them an abstract of my research.

This is the subject:

What kind of strategies can an actor use in interactive performances in order to create meaning together with the audience?

This is the abstract:

The research aims to develop a more precise and more varied approach to corporeal way of acting in relation to interacting with the audience.

The research answers to the need to systematise the acting methods used in interactive performances.

Interactive performances create a new kind of sense of meaning. They open a way to participate in the process of creating meaning in a work of art in a tangible and corporeal way.

In the modern society the meaning of single individual’s personal experience has been trampled over by mass media, complex power structures and endless number of ideologies. Interactive performances return the viewer back to the roots of decision-making, back to one’s own personal and corporeal choice.

The abstract is still very much in process, but points out the main points of view.

I had prepared a complex score for the presentation walk and one of the instructions in the score was ’Read Shakespeare if absolutely nothing happens’.

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