/ This Might Turn Out To Be A Serious Mistake

From the start of August I’ve started working on my PhD for the Theatre Academy in Helsinki which is now a part of the new University of the Arts Helsinki. The whole university is a new combination of Theatre Academy, Sibelius Academy and Finnish Academy of Fine Arts.

My PhD revolves around somatic approach to acting and acting in immersive and interactive performances.

Throughout the years I’ve been trying to find different ways to write about acting which would open new insights without sounding condescending.

Everyone’s relationship to their own experience is unique and they themselves are always the most qualified in that field. That’s the main reason why I’ve previously found it difficult to theorize about the experience in the heart of acting.

So why do I want to write about acting instead of just doing the work?

I have now completed a few very practice-based years of acting in a government theatre and I feel the need to revise my way of working. I also feel the need to see if this different approach to the work could open doors that wouldn’t open any other way.

In a word, it’s something different and sometimes it’s just good to go in a totally new direction to see what happens.

This might turn out to be a serious mistake.

And that makes it all the more fun.

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