/ 2nd Moodswings

We had our 2nd set of Moodswings club last Saturday on 3. 11. 2012 as a Halloween special at Kauppayhtiö, Rovaniemi, Finland.

Media genius VJ Merrylaeinen managed to conjure a wondrous set of interactive media by creating an interface of one pumpkin and five apples by which you were able to control the LED-based visuals. To specify: If you touched the pumpkin and any of the five apples at the same time it radically changed the visual system. And as on our first time, some people won some strange prices. Like a huge pumpkin.

We had a short story to go with the visual system which went as follows:

On the altar you will find a pumpkin of Satan emanating evil light. Around Him forming a pentagram you will find His dark servants Lucifer, Pan, Baphomet, Yama and Kekripukki sulking.

For Satan to be able to hear your prayer you need to touch Him and one of His servants at the same time.

Among the ones praying Satan picks five happy ones to be His new servants and they will be rewarded handsomely.

The first part of the ritual ends at 02.00 after which the congregation continues the worship by lifting up their hands.

Satan answers all prayers through light so keep your eyes open.

For satan’s sake <3 

If this sounds slightly satanish remember that this was Halloween time.

However, the bar did get several messages from people who were worried about the subject matter and we also got a visit from the local youth pastor. It’s nice to know we are being looked after.



Here’s a few photos from the main newspaper in Lapland Lapin Kansa who wrote their main culture section article about the club – with no mention of Satan.



Photos: Pekka Aho.


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