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The Skywalker-like character – whose monologue is interpreted extremely well by Sami Henrik Haapala – is followed by a strange Freudian played as intensely by Pentti Halonen.

Turun Sanomat 27. 7. 2011 about the piece ‘The Secret Journey’ as part of ‘Experience Park Turku 2011′ (dir. Janne Saarakkala).

‘The woman that Haapala portrays is somehow really lubricious and straightforward. His undisguised masculinity works particularly well in the piece.’

Savon Sanomat 10. 1. 2009 about the piece HUIPPUSUORITUS – OUTSTANDING PERFORMANCE (chor. Johanna Tuukkanen)

‘Sami Henrik Haapala makes 47-year old Uncle Vanya utterly believable. The climax of the play – the scene with Uncle Vanya raging – is really effective.’

Kaleva 30. 5. 2005 about the play ‘Uncle Vanya’ (dir. Anna-Kaisa Järvi).

Sami Henrik Haapala is a Finnish actor, dancer, live art maker and a dj. In their performing you can see the freedom of expression of experimental contemporary dance and the precision and sense of form of traditional English actor training.

Sami Henrik has worked – among others – with William Petit (FRA), Tassos Stevens (UK), Janne Saarakkala, Sergey Pronin (RUS), Petri Kekoni, Vihtori Rämä and Johanna Tuukkanen.

Genres they have performed in encompass traditional and experimental theatre, street theatre, contemporary dance, advertising, radio drama, dance and performance clubs, live art, role playing, citywide dramatic events and musicals.